When Darkness Comes

The end is near. I know I can feel it. Some people think these feeling are to be ignored but I express the feelings, then I got the next feeling of its now or never. They see the words, they know the words, push with full force, do it NOW!

But…. the game does not want to end like this, more players enter, a confusion tactic…..Oh! Yeah, I have did this before. But….. I play better than you do because you do not read your words, you are missing something…… Being human.

Wait! Hey, were did you come from? I know you, hiding behind that pretty face. You have been playing for a long time, are you him? You are a real player in the game, you got the human. Addicted to your style for a couple days, I back off, you back off. Both waiting, but who will make the next move.

For sure I thought mystery caller/texting would be the first out. But…. wait… is he the first player? Yes. I see you. Why did you lie? You didnt call me, I waited. You forgot about me.

“Hey girlie girl, What are you doing up here in the clouds with me? You ain`t done with life, 50 more years to come. Slow down and listen to me.” Said God.

Oh! My heavenly father, I got sucked into the game, while it did help me get past grief, it has now brought out the monster. I went to the grave and since he is a guardian angel you have for me, I asked the both, you and him for a sign.

How funny can you two be? when you sent Marion, that would be like killing my entire spirit, I gave him away, yes to sis. You did give me a good laugh. Maybe that was the plan all along, to get her settled and then I can thrive and soar…. with him.

I know you sent him because he says things like “we” and he shared his ideas and wants to teach me how, yes! how to do what I plan to do in life. He told me “Don`t leave Angie, you have passion and I know you`ll make it.”

I am in between the worlds of real and fantasy. But can`t the fantasy come true? I shared a fantasy, so when it all goes to darkness, if that player is real, the fantasy will come true because I shared it.

” Everything is real. Change your thinking. Do what is right. Give into those feelings and let them be known, the next move will be his.” Replied God.

“Hello, good morning.”


“Hey Darling, go to the bank like I told you, before work.”


“Hey Babe, I`m sorry.”


I reach over and take it in my hand….

Darkness came.

Is there a reason to live?

By Andria Perry

Photo By Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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