Wash Belly – 34

A woman, on a Green Card, saw Keith,  found him attractive.   When she got his ‘biography’ , learning he was cut off from his parents and beyond his brother, had no relatives in the City,  she took him.   She purchased him as if he were a pair of  shoes. 

All she wanted was American citizenship.   Without any family to warn/guide him,  she married him.  She would pay for everything.  He, moved into her apartment.   They could have lived in House 5 but she couldn’t stomach his brother, Joey.

It was at this time, when Joey lived alone, that Dina came into his life.   She played stupid so he would trust her.

When she learned he didn’t own the house, his grandmother did, she slowly began her mission to get him to buy it.

Dina had learned of Joey’s lack of family.   Having no contact with his parents, with the ‘Great Mother’ and ‘Unca Col’  in New York, it was only Keith that was in his realm.

With Keith captured by his wife, her path was clear. 


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Written by jaylar

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