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Trajan's Bridge – Kladovo, Serbia

Trajan’s Bridge – Kladovo, Serbia only five kilometers downstream from Kladovo, downstream from the village Kostol on the right bank of the Danube today are the remains of 1900 year old, monumental columns of Trajan’s bridge, next to which is a fortress, Castrum Pontes – Transdrobeta (vs. Romania Drobeta / Turnu Severin). About Trajan bridge, its appearance and technical details, have been preserved some information from literary sources, primarily among the Roman writer Dio Cassius (Dio Cassius LXVIII, 13).

Among other things, Cassius us thoroughly and accurately informs that it was a stone bridge with 20 pillars in the water incredible height of 150 Roman feet, without foundation (about 45 m), the distance between columns of 170 Roman feet (about 51 m).


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