Top 9 European Country Folk Dance

Folk dance are developed by the people which reflect the life and traditions of the desired country. Every country have their own way of life and similarly way of folk dance. Here I am going to show you Top 9 Countries Folk dance photos. Hope you guys will enjoy it.

1. Portugal – Culture of Portugal includes folk dance known as alled asranchos folcloricos.

2. Italy Folk Dance –Folk Dance of Italian has been an integral part of Italian culture for centuries. This is the most popular dance of Italian Culture.

3. Austria Folk Dance –Austrian folk dancing is mostly associated with Schuhplattler, Ländler, Polka, or Waltz.

4. Germany Folk Dance -They may be seen today in Europe and in German immigrant communities around the world.

5. United Kingdom Folk Dance – England has big history of folk dance, this includes many form dance music, drum.

6. Ireland Folk Dance- Irish dance include both single, couple and group dance with Villon and Gitar.

7. France Folk Dance – The France folk dance are based on theatrical,musical, dance, architectural.

8. Iceland Folk Dance -Chain dances, known as víkivaki,

9. Switzerland Folk Dance. The swiss dance include couple and group dance with Guitar, Villon and play in circle.


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