The Fed-Up Cow (book review)

‘The Fed-Up Cow’ is a beginning picture book written by Peta Lemon and Maria Dasic Todoric in 2017 by  Who and what I am? This is a question the fed-up cow could be wondering, but actually she is just bored with being a cow.  This cow visits the other farmyard animals and the cow must make a decision.  The drawings in this picture book for preschool children are cartoon style, but very imaginative.  Through the pictures the reader can see the choices the cow is working through.  This is also a good book for a conversation skills activity in a preschool and/or kindergarten classroom.  Questions that could be asked are:

1.  What is your favorite farmyard animal?

2.  If you could be any farm animal what would you be? Why?

This could also be a story to teach about social living/social studies and discuss what makes a farm a kind of business.  This is a story that could be a math activity where you can have the children count the animals in each picture and as a science activity a teacher can ask the children ‘What do you think each of the animals eat?’ and another question could be ‘What are there babies called?’ In a creative or as an arts and crafts activity you can have the children make animal faces and then as a drama activity have them make a story as each of them are now farmyard animals.

The ‘Fed-Up Cow’ is a picture book that actually as described can be used across the curriculum. It can also be used as a beginning lesson on diversity and understanding them. This is a good read just for fun too.

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