The End of Plastic?

Imagine a world of brown paper bags, (how many trees had to die for this bag?)  and glass bottles, (don’t cut yourself!) replaced by convenient plastic!

No tree has to die for you to carry home your groceries.  And the bag, now ‘recycled’ to dispose of garbage, won’t leak.

The baby bottle won’t shatter into dangerous shards when dropped, because it is plastic.

If you want to examine the world, the only problem with plastic, is disposing of it.  If plastic bottles were recycled, if the bags holding the garbage were properly disposed of, as well as all the other one use plastic, there would not be an issue.

But in the usual throw out baby with bath water style, the world has taken arms against plastic with no easy solution to replace it.

You can carry a cloth bag to the supermarket.  Fine.  Now in what do your place your garbage?  The tins, the swept up rubbish, what?  Do you put the garbage into the bin as is?  What do you use to carry the household rubbish to the bin?

So you put all rubbish into a pail, then empty the pail into the bin, then have to wash the pail.

So extra water, soap, for every household.  And if there is no water or soap?   A teeming mass of bug enticing germ full gook hanging on the sides of the pail.

As is usual, the lack of planning will cause more problems.   When all that is required is a sensible manner in which to dispose of plastic.


What do you think?


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