The Bunga Boy

I have written about male prostitution, touching on the Beach Boys of Barbados, who added ‘value’ to the lone woman at the Hotel.  

I’ve written about Rentadreads, who were a plus to Sunsplash.

More recently, about the Bungaboy.

This is a lower class man who has no real opportunities, abilities, future.   He doesn’t grasp the realities. 

The Bungaboy  doesn’t realise he is being purchased, he doesn’t grasp the parameters of the ‘relationship’ between him and the ‘benefactor’.

Where the Beach Boy and Rentadread are aware of their ‘mission’  and the purposes and practices thereof, the Bungaboy is not.

He does not comprehend certain realities.   He does not understand this is a ‘business’ relationship, in which an older woman is ‘buying’  his exclusivity.

Because he doesn’t have the mental acuity to comprehend, because he doesn’t realise he is not a prize, he is the bottom of the barrel.   If his benefactor could do better, she would.


What do you think?


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