Tesla’s magnificent message to students in Belgrade

Nikola Tesla, and in 1892, after the lectures in London and Paris – from February to April, urgently arrived in Gospic, in order to be forgiven by her mother Đuke, who was on his deathbed. After the funeral, visited Zagreb. In Budapest, he was welcomed by a delegation of the City of Belgrade, the High School and the Serbian engineering company with a request to visit Belgrade. Check-famous scientist in the capital of the Kingdom of Serbia on June 1st 1892 in Belgrade and Belgraders was unforgettable and extraordinary event. A Tesla is, by his own scientific work and findings in the Serbian capital, retained only 31 hours. He was awarded the (later) Order of St. Sava second degree video with Serbian king Aleksandar Obrenovic, and visited the National Museum and the Great School, where he addressed students and professors. He also met with the poet Jovan Javanovic dragon whose poetry, he said, “when he was the toughest in America when he was rejected by all and misunderstood, with bitter tears reading”.

As more of the world-renowned scientist, Tesla had a special message for the Serbian nation. In this message, clearly acknowledged to which people belong. The “Imperial” was prepared luncheon in honor of Tesla, and after lunch Tesla visited the Great School, visited her Cabinet and Museum. The rector, Nikola Alkovic delivered a keynote address, a Tesla before the assembled students, enthusiastically stood up and said: “His joy, which I at this moment I feel, I can not do you express, but I rejoice that I can use this opportunity to bring to you, dear brothers, always express satisfaction with their loved ones that have been and always remain a Serb, no more … it happens, gentlemen, that man away from his homeland, zanet business what I’m interested, sometimes by not mind his name, his nationality and his homeland.

But this, gentlemen, to me has never been, and I hope that will not and can not ever be. If I am not among you, not like you as much of the economy on the altar Serbian thoughts, I work another job, otherwise glorify the name of the Serbian, and in another way I do and I try to have as much as I can do anything useful of the economy his people and his cute brothers. And if there is any glory and credit for humanity to be attributed to my name, that this honor belongs more to the Serbian name Serbian nation from which I mid I originated.

“Next, the Tesla crowd talked about the” primordial struggle of our ancestors in Kosovo “, and thanked them with these words: “Brothers and companions! Thank you so much for your attention and decoration. In you, I looked at the young Serbian nation, which has to work on a common task of all Serbs. You are the future of Serbian nation. I am – as you can see and hear – and remained a Serb overseas where the tests do. It also has to be you, and that their knowledge and work lifting the glory of Serbian nation in the world. “


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