Street Photography: Human Nature and Civility

Resist Not the Basking in the Sun.  Normal people are like this civil woman. Civilized about what she wanted to do, and is doing it. As sure as herself,  letting anyone dictate to her isn’t her reflections of the day– and the many days past, and in the days ahead. She knows she’s civilized. At peace with herself. Despite the clamoring, if there are ever any, surrounding her. As normal as she is,  she’s sitting prettily in the warm embrace of the sun in its worthy purpose.

Probably in a momentary state of shock by the beating of the sun that’s taking over her lost and a point of no return.  The Illuminant shining over, exposing every aspect of incivility in resistance whispering in her ears. She stays normal with reason and logic– understanding better every time. She says, “Supreme Sun, how powerfully good you have been to me in the streets. I’m beat. I’m thirsty. My shoes are killing me.”

Cultured Archway.   Cafe at a portico. Going about their businesses.  Over cappuccino within the civility of the ambiance of the moment.  He had an ale drink. Later, a carbonate apple cider lager for the lady. A Pilsner for both.  It was a warm day in summer. After that, a big meal of Rib eye Steaks. They took time as they ate lunch, civilly.

The column hallway, “Colonnade at the Piazza” was a memorable place to go back to.

Congenial and Courteous.  The unity and agreement of space and time with these humans of the streets. The path of civilized conversation is paved with reasonable and normal people.

Train Thy Boys and Girls Good Manners.  This normal boy has a great future. He’s enjoying the moment of his life. A safe jump at his skateboard reflected a careful calculation about what he was going to do, when to do it, how to land well– gratified with himself.

Many humans stick to their premeditated practices of jumping to conclusions, scheming up narratives, stretching the truth, regressing downhill, not showing up for work, sidestepping responsibility, and pushing their luck without discipline with noise and mob.

Shouts of Joy and Triumph.  This is real and pleasant ‘noise’.  Children delight in their play and honest winning at the same time. Being sport after a loss to the winning team. Normal happy children extend praises and congratulations to whom it is due.

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