Spotlighting Our Members ~ Jackie Sheckler Finch

Jackie Sheckler Finch, I am sorry to say, was only with the Virily community for a short period of time.  But she was liked and respected.  She is a professional writer, has published several travel guidebooks, and won several writing awards.  She is also a photographer.  I like her posts.  They are unusual and fascinating topics for discussion.Rescue stories are marvelous.  But when humor is added to the story, they become marvelous and memorable.  LOL.You know it’s incredible the kind of clothing people would wear to reflect their wealth and societal status.  Just think.  There are rich celebs and other famous people today who walk around distressed ripped blue jeans.  (O.o)As for Magnus Eriendsson, the “pious peacemaker”?  His good reputation was clearly not exaggerated.

Sculpture honors amazing story of boy buried alive

Extravagant dress is beautiful but looks terribly uncomfortable

Peaceful man killed when he was tricked and didn’t fight his cousin



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