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Săpânța Peri Monastery- a Stunningly High Wooden Church

During a recent trip I took to the beautiful Romanian county ofMaramureș I had the opportunity of visiting a truly impressive structure: the SăpânțaPeri monastery, which lies in the middle of a dendrological park close to the village of Săpânța, which is famous internationally for its Merry Cemetary. It was built in1997, using 400 cubic meters of oak trees, and with its impressive height of 78 meters, it is considered by World Record Academy to be the world’s tallest wooden church in the world!

The monastery’s huge tower, which has a 7-meter high cross at the top,  can be seen from 5 kilometers away, so it’s easy for anyone to notice it from a distance. Once you get closer to the wooden church you start realizing how tall it actually is, and it’s impossible not to feel impressed by its sheer size.

Moving around this massive spiritual wonder and looking up to the cross on its top was an experience which reminded me how small and insignificant man can be from a physical point of view, but at the same how spiritually rich he can become when he does his best to overcome his limitations and tries to reach for the sky.

It also showed me that people involved in the designing and building of this giant wooden church managed to overcome all the obstacles they encountered because faith has guided them and provided them with the strength and determination necessary to complete such a massive work of art.

Thanks to their efforts and dedication, the Săpânța Peri wooden church is included in the UNESCO patrimony and it will stand for a long time as a symbol of the power that faith has to inspire people to do great things!

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