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Have you read any Electric Eclectic books?

The title of this post asks the question “Have you read any Electric Eclectic books?”

I am 99% certain, your answer will be “No.”

I know this because Electric Eclectic books are new. In fact, they are so new only a few exist at this moment although more are becoming available day by day.

So, what are Electric Eclectic books?

Quite simply they are Novelettes especially written and published as ‘taster’ books for readers looking for their next favourite author or to find an excellent story.

Like many of you, I love reading and I have my favourite authors and I have my favourite types of story, but I am a voracious devourer of books who soon reads everything my ‘favourite’ authors have published.

Which then leaves me in a bit of a quandary.

It leaves me asking the question “What do I read next?”

I don’t want to spend out on a book to find out I don’t like the writer’s style, or the story is not to my taste.

I may be looking to read something ‘out of the norm’ for me, even venturing to read a genre I have never read before.

Ahh… I hear you say, “why not grab a freebie, Kindle and such have thousands of free books all the time.”

I say, “Tried that, been there. Not impressed.”

Why do you think those books are free?

Do you think a good author will simply give away the months and months of hard work they spent creating a book if it was really any good?

My experience says not.

Okay, you may get lucky and find the odd free book which is readable or given away as a promotion, possibly in support of a charity or good cause. I’ll accept those.

But the constant and wide plethora of permanently free books is, in my opinion generally… poor… and that is me being kind.

This is where these Electric Eclectic books come in.

You see, all Electric Eclectic books are written by established indie authors who are looking to share their work with a wider audience.

The great thing is, the quality of storytelling in each Electric Eclectic book is assessed and checked before publication so, when you buy an Electric Eclectic book you can rest assured you will be getting a quality book.

With all Electric Eclectic books costing a nominal 1.00 (dollar/pound/euro) each, you can easily grab five in a go. That way you get five great reads for a price which is less than many single novels.

I think Electric Eclectic is a great way to find your ‘next favourite book’, even new authors to follow. So why not go get yourself an Electric Eclectic book right now.

Just type the words Electric Eclectic into the Amazon UK bookstore search bar.

(Or on the Amazon Kindle book page on

It is that simple.

Check it out now.


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Written by Paul White

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  1. I agree about having a ‘real’ book in your hands. But this is a great way to get a good ‘feel’ of an authors style before committing to buying, say a full paperback.
    It also saves readers from the disappointment of paying a lot for something which ends up not to be their taste…and helps in reducing bad reviews as a result.
    However, I have yet to see someone propping a wobbly table leg with an iPad… which is why a real paperback will always have its place. Lol


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