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Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain – the best friends

The famous scientist, Nikola Tesla, was 14 when he was seriously ill. His parents were desperate, as doctors lost hope of healing. That’s why they allowed every wish to be fulfilled. One of the first was to request reading books. They brought him several books from the city library. These were the stories of the great American writer Mark Twain. When he began to read them, he was so excited that he completely forgot about his hopeless condition. Perhaps that was also a salvation, because soon the disease started better.

When Nikola Tesla arrived in America in 1884, Twain was already a respected author. Two geniuses met in 1889 in a New York club for gentlemen who both visited. The meeting was very touching. Tesla told him about his childhood illness and the saving effect of what he read in his books. The tired writer flashed tears in his eyes. Since then, these two great souls have become very close to each other. Tesla described Twain as the first person to inspire him on arrival in America and really understood. The Serbian scientist was invited to the wedding of Teva daughter Klara in autumn 1909, and the writer often visited the laboratory of Nikola Tesla.

Mark Twain died on April 21, 1910, while Nikola Tesla survived for more than three decades. Six years after the death of a famous writer, his latest novel, The Mysterious Stranger, was published. In it, Twain described an angel, who descended from the sky to a small Austrian village to teach a group of boys to the secrets of the world. In this figure and the discoveries about which he is talking, that many people still recognize, Nikola Tesla and his birthplace, Smiljan.

In Tesla’s legacy, besides numerous preserved archival documents, personal and technical items, monographic and serial publications, several letters of correspondence were found, which the two great men exchanged among themselves.Although their commitments were different, it did not prevent them from being great friends, to socialize and to individually deeply respect the work and contribution of the other.

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