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My Picks for Cool Tweets of Events 'OnThisDay'

On Twitter #OnThisDay is a well-used hashtag.  I don’t know how long this hashtag has been in use.  I did a search all the way back to 2012 and retrieved some tweets.  So it has been going on for a while.  Since 7 days or a week have passed for the month of February 2020, I looked for tweets with the hashtag that reported on events that occurred on the dates of February 1 through February 7.



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    • It would be great to visit all of the presidential libraries. But you know I moved here to Austin in 1998 and the LBJ Library is right here. I have passed by it. But I’ve never been in it. I just can’t find the time. But I’m sure it would be a fantastic outing for the day.

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