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Museum of street art

Museum of street art is Zagreb’s initiative to set up a more coherent street art scene in Croatia, as well as improving awareness of the audience about her aesthetic, cultural and social values. Its aim is to make art in neglected parts of the city, where there are no cultural content. There is no room, not hours, but focuses on urban initiatives. In the past three years, driven by the multi-day campaign of reviving derelict walls Zagreb – impressive results and reports from the action form the backbone of the site content, and how events are usually held in September Although started in Zagreb, MUU at all does not intend to stop there. Its online collection now includes works from around the world, thanks to the fact that anyone can create a profile on the site and add photos of street art – your own or someone else’s, provided that the author. Search by location collection world map gives an impressive paisley-wearing bookmarks. If you are even remotely talented umetnikovanje by urban walls, or even if you are a passionate photographer, collector-product of other people’s genius – join us! Street art is often painted over or destroyed; online museum is an ideal opportunity to obesmrti it, and share it with as many people.


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