Misconceptions – 2

From inception, the United States of America was an illusion.

Slave owners, all members of a specific class and ethnicity wrote that;  

‘All Men are Created Equal’.

When they wrote that, what they were were looking at were persons of their ethnicity who dared to treat them as second class.  These men, who wrote that Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution, were outraged that those in London could dare view them as inferior.

That slavery continued for almost one hundred years after the promulgation of their treatise, that they massacred the original inhabitants of the United States, did not in any way enter into their mentalities.

To them, it was obvious that All Men meant all White Anglo Saxon Men, and those who were not did not qualify.

The world thought when they wrote ‘All Men…”  they meant all men.  

Americans, seeing the value of this misconception,  behaved as if they believed in freedom, in liberty in equality.


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