Love an office girl

In these few days, I worked in a clubhouse and met a clubhouse girl who is a clubhouse staff,  while I am a swimming pool lifeguard there!

In clubhouse,  we rarely met each other,  but we will meet when she come to swimming pool and check the swimming pool water quality and temperature ! But we only will talk about whether the pool water quality is ok or not and take the photo as recorded to the office,  but not talking the other things!  I know she doesn’t have any interest to me!

And I even don’t know her name ! But I am curious of her and want to know more about her! Then i find out her name and look at the attendance sheet and find out her name so i record down to my WhatsApp of her true name and nickname ! So i try to find her Facebook and instagram account and see if I am lucky to see her public photos and information of her, though she doesn’t know ! ( And I don’t add her because I don’t want her to know )

So I would like to know if I am ethically doing wrong things or not ?


What do you think?

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Written by Chunchun


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