Joseph Boys II


Boys first met art with grease. It sounds awful, but the truth is that fat is essential for life, and life is a work of art, then art should be fat! This is! Hen logical sequence of thought, but! Hen thinks that it is well learned from Beuys. Chair with grease was probably (with emphasis on the past tense) most appreciated work of fat in the arts: wooden chair on which “sits” a piece of fat has experienced twenty-one preserved at a constant temperature in the glass, when it finally fat almost all explained and time ended the life of this part. Chair with grease is an example of the collaboration of two artists: Beuys and nature or the natural flow of life. Everyone is an artist, a nature especially – Boys was created here only work initially, but nature worked on it for twenty years. When more worked hard? Not everyone works with grease experienced a natural death. Some are sidelined by human error (human or art?) – this was the case Oily stains in Dusseldorf who disappeared gentle movements wipes gently guided her fingers maids. ! Hen believes Boys not angry when he learned of this, perhaps just to erase any artistic expression Maid? As another “bojsovska” metaphor protection and (from) the treatment results in a homogeneous infiltration for piano – quite simply work – Grand Piano “muted” gray suit made of felt with a red cross. Muted, so as not to hear the cry of his music, marked by a red cross because he needed help. As in the case of a dead rabbit, roots and inspiration this work should seek to damage the German individual. Land art work oaks 7000 is proof that Boys was not only an environmentalist in the song, but also at work. He is the initiator of the project in which, with the help of volunteers over five years planted 7,000 oak trees in Kassel, thus influencing the Eco-City Planning and making “social sculpture” (sculpture that brings its message of social impact). Next to each oak tree “planted” is a block of basalt. Unlike basalt, oak grew – despite initial controversies, these oaks today represent one of the main features of Kassel, a project of planting and continues with the support of the city authorities.

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