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James Bond was a Serb

In 1981, he died one of the greatest spies of all time. His name was Popov. Dushko Popov.The French weekly “Poen” dedicated him to the front page, for a reason – Popov, according to a widespread belief, is James Bond, a person who inspired Ian Fleming to make a famous saga whose popularity does not disappear.

The legend emerged when Ian Fleming was attacked by the British media to too much free Bond, the officers of the British intelligence service MI6. He replied that such an agent really existed and that his secret name was Tricycle.

The tricycle is Popov, an intelligence agent of the British service during the Second World War. But he had another secret name – Ivan – under which he worked for the German secret service. The role of a dual secret agent has determined the circumstance that grew up in a wealthy family and had a great education that he acquired in London, Paris, Belgrade and Freiburg.

When the Germans recruited him at the beginning of the war to become their agent, Dusko was already opposed to the Nazis. The episode in Freiburg, where he barely pulled his head after he was arrested by Gestapo, strengthened his conviction. The Germans regarded him as their best agent while he was actually a British intelligence agent. He possessed the qualities that made him an ideal secret agent – he spoke several languages, he was a cosmopolitan, and he led a monden life, which enabled him to get to know those who would spy.

Secret agents are mostly people without “faces” .. they work in the shadows. Popov does not fit into this picture. Bohem, an adventurer, favored by society, in his role as a spy made some kind of Balkan leisure and aristocratic unconventionality.It did not bother him that he was extremely self-controlled, to preserve cold blood, which helped him not to be discovered. He was brash and brave, no other spy was similar to him.

The head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Edgar Hoover, did not like him, because Popov had supplied FBI information 3 months before the attack on Perl Harbur. Hoover refused to believe this because of the contempt he had for foreigners, especially those who were successful as Popov, whom he considered to be a Balkan playboy. The then American press wrote that the “greatest secret of the Second World War” was discovered.

Popov remained remembered as the most interesting and the most charismatic spy who contributed to the allied victory over the Nazis.

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