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I’ve taken blows before and every time I have survived

Hello all,

This is my first blog on this site so let’s see how it goes.

No, I have not disappeared off the face of the Earth, don’t you worry. I have been without my laptop for a few weeks as it is being repaired and my old one; well it is not the best to do any form of writing on, which is why I have not had any new blogs up.

Not to mention I have been struggling with some personal stuff the last few weeks, which has drained me both physically and emotionally. However, I have a little bit of energy after working Yashka today, so here I am.

The title of this blog is a lyric from the song Worst Things Happen at Sea by Frank Turner.

I want to talk about social media today and how it is important to move on from people who don’t want anything to do with you.

I have been told of someone, (who does not particularly like me and is probably reading this blog to see what I have written), who has been reading my blogs and dictating them to my ex. As some of you know, it did not really end on good terms, but enough about that. I mean, I have no problem with them reading my blogs, quite the opposite. I do not care.

I do not care because we are all entitled to our own voice and how we project out thoughts, feelings, and views is completely up to the individual. By being told my blogs are being read by someone who does not like me, well it has motivated me to write a little bit more. Not to annoy or upset them, but to show that whatever they say, be it to my face or behind my back, I will not stop writing. Because it is one of my passions. And I think that as long as I do not name them, why can’t I share my experiences with you all? It’s up to me at the end of the day, I will not be told what I can and cannot write about.

There will always be people who do not like you or your opinions and so on. You cannot please everyone and that is something I have come to understand in the last few days. It is impossible to keep everyone around you happy. You may have to hurt someone to move on with your own life, however unintentional it might be. That is something we all need to understand.

I realise I am paraphrasing previous blogs, but I need to get this out there. For my own sanity. I think, whenever we post something on social media, be it on Instagram or a status update or a blog, we are opening ourselves up to criticism as well as praise. It is so easy to dwell on the negative comments rather than the positive ones.

I think that is what stopped me writing for a while. I became very self-conscious about what I was writing. I knew I had upset people with previous blogs, but looking back, I would not change them. Because I needed, a release and I think I helped people along the way. I would like to think my blogs make some of you smile, even just a little bit.

That is the thing about social media. Something that you find uplifting may be offensive or upsetting to someone else. However, as I said above, you cannot please everyone. So stop trying. It is a waste of time and energy. Take it from someone who knows!

I am tired of dwelling on the past. It is very easy to be caught up in past memories and what ifs. What is done is done. Nothing you can do to change it. For me, I am trying to focus on my future and myself. I am tired of trying to keep everyone happy, especially when they are not there for me. I am a firm believer of treat others by how they treat you. If they keep hurting you repeatedly, let them go. They are not worth the heartache or the tears.

If someone takes deliberate measures not to speak to you, if they block you on social media, it means they don’t want to talk to you, that they don’t want you in their life, full stop. What’s the use of running after someone who doesn’t want to be associated with you?

I have wasted a lot of energy on running after people who don’t want me and I’m sick of it. At the end of the day, it’s their decision to kick me out of their life and I have to respect that.

Its difficult though, isn’t it? With social media, we can see almost every single part of someone’s daily life. It’s all online. It’s so easy to check up on someone and see how they are doing, they probably aren’t even aware of it. Yet we still use it, we still post about what we are up to and many people will be able to see it. A part of me wishes I didn’t have any social media accounts. Some days I just want to cut myself off from the rest of the world so I can’t be hurt. However, we can’t like that. I think we need criticism and snide comments to make us stronger. How else can we improve and be a better person.

However, aside from this, I believe that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks really, it only matters what you think of yourself.

I know that I have gone on a bit of a tangent, but my point is this,

Post anything you like on social media (within reason that is!) and get yourself out there. Write for yourself, not for other people. It’s more likely than not that someone will be able to connect with your views. Who cares who sees it? Who cares if they talk about you behind your back? I appreciate those who put themselves out there, who put their thoughts and feelings on the line in the hope they can speak to their audience. Because, I think that if I can reach out to at least one person with my writing and make them smile, I’ve done myself proud. We all need a confidence boost from time to time, especially in the dark times.

Screw those who don’t like you, they are only jealous. Keep those who support you nearby. Because one day you may need them. However, remember you cannot please everyone. Do whatever makes you happy. We only get one life after all. There’s no point in wasting time thinking about someone who doesn’t want you. Further, on down the line, they will be the ones who will regret excluding you out of their life.

A song I would recommend is I Hate by Passenger; it has really helped me get my thoughts in order whilst writing this. Give it a listen.

I will leave you with these quotes,

You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours,”-The White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

After a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and just trust who you are,” –Shrek.

Until the next time.


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Written by RebeccaYeomans