Introduction to Power – 2

When you know about the Closed Doors, you develop a quiet scepticism.

If you are behind those doors, you know exactly who and what and why and when and where.  If you are  not, you learn to keep your mouth shut.  You keep your mouth shut because you don’t know why something is proposed, whether it will be implemented or not.

It could be a ‘McGuffin’  something to divert attention so that everyone argues over nothing.

It could be a ‘Kite’ something ‘flown’  to see how the public reacts so that plans can be made based on the reaction.

It could be a ‘Cue’ to certain members of society so that they ‘get’ the gist and know how or how not to respond.

If you are not behind those Closed Doors, running around with the babble falling out of your mouth proves you are pretty stupid for a person.


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Written by jaylar


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