Inside of Myself – 10

Everyone was so pleased how I had ‘matured’.  How I no longer had a temper, how I was so calm and polite at all times.  

People spoke about me in front of my face and behind my back as a woman worth emulating.  I become polite, never angry or annoyed, I never raised my voice, I was perfect.

My husband was so proud of me, telling people how I would never embarrass him,  as he went to describe how his secretary used obscenities or shouted, or got emotional.

He took credit for my elevation, as my parents constantly said how marriage had improved me.

Yes, sure.  

The truth was that I had fallen in love with my sister’s boyfriend who became her husband.

The truth was that needing to never let an atom of that reality emerge I became so mindful of everything from my posture to the expression on my face, to the sound of my voice, that it changed me.

Made me the dishonest creature I am today.

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Written by Tall Awah

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