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Secret Cyberlife – 10

Going over our conversations, line by line in my head,  all I  had shared was opinions of Star Trek, ideas, futuristic fantasies, not the...

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Secret Cyber Life – 9

Worf posted about a kid from High School, who, wanting to prove that student government was a joke, ran on the Bozo ticket.  He...

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Star Trek Wars – 8

Those who hail Discovery are reviled by Trekkers.   Arguments explode, insults are exchanged, and those STD (Star Trek Discovery) fans seems as fey...

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Secret Cyber Life – 8

As is common, over time, when you communicate with someone online, you began to share bits of yourselves which happened outside of the MB.  I...

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Star Trek Wars – 7

Real Trekkers, whether they saw the first episode in the 60s or have caught up over the years, have a certain loyalty and expectation....

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Secret Cyberlife – 10

Secret Cyber Life – 9

Star Trek Wars – 8

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