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Hard To Get – 9

Shermon was redecorating his restaurant.  It was the eve of a holiday and he wanted it to be perfect.    He had a few more...

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Secret Cyber Life -5

In Real Life I had one of those jobs. Let me be more specific, I worked for a Boss from Hell who made the job...

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Star Trek Wars – 5

When the second season began, with the introduction of 'new' old characters, Trekkers watched hoping the show would improve.   Hoping that the characters of...

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Secret Cyber Live – 4

Worf and I had deep conversations about the duties of a moderator of the site  and what did and did not constitute valid posts. We...

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Hard to Get – 8

Marla is standing in the night.   She is alone, now.  She is crying from the corners of her soul. Casey had stood in front...

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Hard To Get – 9

Secret Cyber Life -5

Star Trek Wars – 5

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