Ingrid Bergman I

Ingrid Bergman lost her mother when she was three years old, a father when he was thirteen; After that she moved with my aunt who died shortly afterwards. Ended at Aunt Hulda and runs Otto and their five children. Running is among them Ingrid found out that her mother may have had “some Jewish blood”, but was told that it should remain secret because they come hard times.

Thus, Ingrid Bergman still with about fourteen learned to hide their origin and rarely talked about it. 1938 Bergman is filming Die vier Gesellen (The Four Companions) in Germany, which is largely dominated pre-war situation, but she did not seem to be aware of it. Later she said that she felt guilty for having misjudged the situation there; I thought that the Nazis were only a temporary setback, “Too stupid to get them to anyone seriously” and with that opinion and left the country. On that occasion he said he did not believe that Germany would start a war, because good people out there will not allow it.

A bit naive, but Bergman really believed in it until his return to Germany before the end of the war. He later talked about the experience again as a feeling of guilt because they are so afraid that she did not go with the others to testify about the horrors that took place in the concentration camps. Already in 1942, Bergman captures Casablanca (Casablanca) starring llsa with whom he has a number of incidental, or striking similarities.Bergman has not felt the war in Germany, and Ilsa had conducted protected in Morocco where more time is spent renewing your relationship with Rick (Humphrey Bogart), a former lover whom he met there, but following the situation in Europe.

The only news that interested in whether her husband, a secret fighter against the Nazis, still alive. Of course, it turns out to be alive, but Ilsa go with him to safety, a former lover approached the Resistance. Never see Ilsa, I do not even know whether she felt guilty as Bergman did, but it was safe and the war lost only another chance to  owner of the bar. Bergman never understand why Casablanca is so popular and is often declared, was probably due to Humphrey Bogart. Only later said: “It seems to me that Casablanca live your life. There is something mysterious about her. It seems that it has fulfilled a need, a need that was there before the movie, you need the film fulfilled. “


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