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I Can Smell You

I put on the pot of vegetables to cook, outside on the gas grill eye, the air smells of onions and garlic with each breeze.

I am walking for health, I have the dogs out, they walk with me, round and round the field. I am getting close to the 10 lap mark, the goal for the day and I walked right through it….. that smell…. her perfume I said “who are you?” I walked another lap, the smell was gone, living in the country perfume is not a scent that is smelled outside.

She is the lady He seen at the hospital, the one that whispered in my ear “hey” as I was about to sleep. The pretty lady that followed him home. He has seen her twice, once in the living room and once in the dining room. Me? Maybe? A white glimpse from the corner of my eye, every now and then, here and there in the house.

Being that He has breathing problems we do not use perfumed anything, except my shampoo but its fruity scented, not floral. He has not used any mens cologne or deodorants in over a year.

This morning I thought I heard a car pull up so I went to look out the window, and I walked through a scent of men`s cologne, only for a few seconds and it was gone. I roll my eyes and shake my head, another visitor, I presume.

But…. That one scent, the one that chokes, the one I call car exhaust fumes. I smelled him/it again, he should be gone, maybe he/it came back. This one hovers around Him.

Last night I think I got a quick look, I was walking through the dark kitchen, but not so dark I couldn`t see where I was going, and there was this big dark blob mist moving fast in front of me, on the floor. When I seen it turn the corner I knew it was not my shadow at all! I said ” hey! you get out of here now!” But it had already went into the hall way to the right.

And Then The Dreams Came…..

By Andria Perry

Photo By Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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