She Got What She Wanted – 3

Cara went to her room, and exhaled. That was close. She couldn’t let Andrea know she was making a play for Max. She had to befriend Andrea to keep her unaware.

Cara did not grasp the fact she was judging the value of Max by the value of Andrea. All she saw was a beautiful woman along with a man, and assumed the man had to be special to have such a woman.

To get Max to talk to her, in a warm way, to invite her to share his lunch was, to Cara, ‘goals’ as if life was a football match.

Cara returned downstairs and looked for Andrea, who was actually thankful she had pointed out the state of the lettuce used in the salad.

“I saw it from six feet away, so asked for a leaf, which ….” and she tipped her head. She deliberately didn’t use the name ‘Max’ so that Andrea would believe it was the appearance of the lettuce which attracted her, not the man behind the plate.

She left Andrea and wandered to the front veranda where Max was smoking and although she didn’t smoke, asked for a cigarette. He didn’t have one, offered her his, and she took it, to put her mouth where his had been.

Another Goal was scored in Cara’s playbook.


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