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If anyone disputed the fact that Trump was Putin’s Puppet,  recent events have confirmed.

In 2016 there were those who felt that Russia had ‘interfered’ in the American elections.  Although disputed by the Liar in Chief, many held their views.

Today, when no less than Mike Pompeo, who was appointed by Trump, reveals that the hacks into various sensitive American Departments was done by Russia, the Puppet disputes.

If you recall High School, with the Class Kings and the ugly fat boy, you’ll probably recount a situation in which the ugly fat boy took a fall for the King.   The Ugly Fat Boy felt if he could please the Class King, that he would gain some amenity. That the Class King would be nice to him, invite him to the Party.

Of course, the Class King would take the toe sucking and sacrifice as his due, and walk away from the Ugly Fat Boy.

That is what I see when I hear Trump disputing Russian involvement.

We all know that Putin owns and operates Trump, always has.  Now, Trump has no use.  And all the crawling and pandering won’t get him into the Party.


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