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Haha! You thought you had me and I was sneaking up on you, grabbed you before you know I was there, the kid in me that will never die! Your reaction was hilarious. Hahaha!

“Angie, what are you doing here?” Tony asked ” You can`t be here, you have to go back.” Tony said giving a little shove.

Wait, I wanna stay for a little while, talk about some stuff.

“No! go now.” Replied Tony

I wanna know what to do about this game and …. well him, then I will go.

“You know the game, I played the game, remember? Just remember its just a game, nothing more and what happens when it ends, you know it ends. Him? Follow your dream and he will follow. Oh yeah, your music sucks!” Answered Tony ” Now go!”

A huge jolt to my body, gasp for air as I sit up in the bed. No blanket, I kicked it off and I am freezing. Turning over I tap the on button for the electric blanket and pull it up tight under my neck. I smile, I love my music.

Cold Turkey, 24 hours and no game, it was hard especially when I heard the “ding” I had forgotten to turn off the phone.

All the player in my head….. Even the new players, no their is only a couple players, or one, just different user names, different angle to max out the benefits.

Pretending to be American, that is the best, a bad game player but makes me smile with each mistake.Oh shut up Patrick! No way I would open a bank account in my name and give you the log in, don`t tell me about being wife material, be husband material and give me money. Are there really people in this world that stupid?

Brian. Oh my God! you forgot me! However, I knew you would not call because at that point I would know you are not American. Take me on vacation overseas? Hell no! But that was never the plan, the plan was for my information to get plane tickets, or some crap, then use it all to ruin me. Why would I go on vacation with a man I never met? Ouch, my hurt myself rolling my eyes.

The new players, Clinton and Bob, Lord help me I would eat these two alive because they, you, are stuck in that role. If you are gonna play, you have to play another role… be a boss! Own the acting roles.And you, I won`t even say your name, you are the player and you take it to the next level, even saying you want to use me for a reason, knowing all the while I will lose…. You know I know that so you pull me into the game, tell me how play, you are patient, you are good, you know I am too and that is why you told me so, told me you can learn from me…. you words “You`re a very smart woman.”

I have to remember… its a game, a game of brainwash and defeat, take what you want and keep it going as long as you can before yelling “Next!””Hello” Said Peter

I look down at my hand…. its empty…. I take hold of it with my other hand.

Are You Ready?

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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