George Orwell

On this day in 1903 was born English writer and publicist George Orwell (real name Eric Arthur Blair). He was born in the village of Motihari near the Indo-Nepal border, where his father was in the service. He was only one year when the mother moved to London.

In his essay “Why I Write” wrote that since he was five or six years I knew there had to be a writer. Already in 1914 published his first song, “Wake up young people in England.” Five years spent in the imperial police in Burma that outraged because of what he saw quit, and for a time worked as a docker. Wrote about it in his novel “Burmese Days”. On his return to England in 1927, he devoted himself to writing. As a rare writer who wrote consistently and honestly about the daily dilemmas intellectuals of his time, the problems of individual freedom and the truth of the facts.

Not stood by, entering into sharp controversy, but was attacked and the right and left, but never shared moralistic lessons. He does not stay only in words, but also their attitudes and specifically argued when needed (for example in Spain, 1936/37), and in his vision of democratic socialism loudly and clearly distanced himself more of thirty years of Stalin’s methods. He said: “The sin of nearly all left-wing from 1933 onwards is that they want to be anti-fascists, but without being against totalitarianism.”

Unfortunately for all of us, and many others of his assessments and predictions have come true, than that to which will lead us to liberal capitalism, to the fact that the position will in our lives download modern technology. First he used the terms “cold” and “Big Brother.” In the aforementioned essay “Why I Write” expressed the view that the writers are obliged to fight against social injustice,

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