Free Palestine

Saturday, 10.28.17

This video was actually from 2014, but it is still currently in 2017, although many people worldwide are exposing this situation all over the internet.

While browsing Facebook posts and comments, I noticed someone’s comment about using BDS on one’s iPhone. So, I decided to add it here for my activism cause.

“There are several BDS apps for IPhones. Go to the Apple Store and download the app. Android phones you can download the app. at the Play Store. Then you can use your phone to read barcodes to see if the product is made in Israel. In both stores type the term “Boycott “You may need to download a scanner app as well. If you don’t have a phone app look at the package and check the “Country of Origin” or you can check the barcode. If it shows 729 at the beginning it is made in Israel, or by a company or corporation that supports Israel. Two apps.  Buycott and Boycott Israel.”


What do you think?

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