Aussie Robert Martin Interviews Professor about Israeli Ideology

Friday, November 10, 2017

Australian Freelance Activist Robert Martin interviews Israeli Professor Nurit Peled-Elhanan about Zionist Israel. She explains Zionist Israelis’ twisted ideas and promotion in order to get their way. Zionist Israel teaches its kids to hate and become racists in order to control others as below them, making them follow their Zionist agenda. Zionist Israel legitimates their demented and criminal acts via bullshit and lies, similar to the US Zionist government. She even states that everyone in Zionist Israel is trained to be anti-Semitic via traumatic means, brainwash and mind control in order to join the Israeli army and kill others.

Every Israeli holiday ends with a massacre of some kind, which is similar to all the false flags that occur at certain days and holidays. She also adds that Zionist Israel has never had any interest for peace. They just want to rid the native Palestinians out of Palestine in order to steal the land. Moreover, Israelis plan to reproduce a lot of children to increase the Zionist majority in Israel so they will take over Palestine as the majority race of Zionist Israel.

Furthermore, Zionist Israel ignores the anti-Zionist Jews because obviously anti-Zionist Jews are against the Zionist agenda. Zionist Israelis also hate the black Jews, who are segregated and treated like second class citizens in Israel.

She encourages everyone to support BDS by boycotting Zionist Israel in order to fight the Zionists and Zionist Israel.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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