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"Enigme" of a machine that could decide the world war.

Robin Biznis June 23.2019 Belgrade. Serbia

This is a story about a complex machine that served for different purposes.

It is an electromechanical device that serves to encrypt messages.It was built in 1925.

                                               source photo: Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

The main part of the machine is a rotor, and the mode is to set the two machines in the same way, so one sends the encrypted message, while the other machine receives the message and decrypts it ..The key of the rotor changes every 29 days, and the letters are encrypted each other the next time with the same letter and the same word, and the same message is encrypted in a different way each subsequent time.Initially, it was used in Postal and Commerce.The Germans used it with great success in World War I.

hey caused great damage by sinking American ships in the Atlantic as well as for other military actions.

Allies were desperate because they could not decipher German messages.There is an enigma about who first broke the codes on “Enigme”.History points out mathematicians and cryptologist from Poland Marijana Rajevski, 

 he had no insight into changing the codes that the Germans executed every 29 days.

After the German attack on Poland, Marijan Rajevski first moved to France and then to England.However, in England, he did not work in a team that had the task of breaking the “Enigme”

Ultimately, the glory of Alan Turing’s teammate came to fame.Breaking this machine contributed to the faster end of World War II.

Here’s a quote about the main participants in this coding machine.”The inventor Arthur Sherbia was killed before the Second World War on May 13, 1929. Pole Marijan Rajevski was a university professor after the war and died in Warsaw in 1980, he is the holder of the decorations of Poland, Great Britain and the United States.Alan Turing, leader of the British team, ended up in prison because he was gay and has only posthumously received an apology from the British state, as well as Queen Elizabeth II’s 2013 honorary title. “source: http: // cover: Image by Tomasz Mikołajczyk from Pixabay

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