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Death Of A Bully – Cut The Cord

She is powerful, all those cords attached, her darkness everywhere she goes stays behind, her hate.  Mystic Brenda reported, I will have to do Gold Reiki and I will have to call on God for his help. Keep your protection with you at all times when she is around. “Cut the cords! ” I tell Brenda This does not surprise me, I can feel her evil with every word she uses to describe others that said ‘no’ to her in the past, that tone, the face set, although she thinks she has a poker face, she doesn`t.

Those ever so subtle insinuations that she could and will kill if necessary, that she knows how to do the job and no one will ever know. Staking her claim to the power roll, that voice, that high pitch voice when she says this makes me want to slap her down in the floor.

The family bully, always bullying her family to give in and she wins, whatever she wants.

Today is no different, as we sit at the dining room table, the papers in front of me, the gun pointed at me.

She has snapped, she is in a delusional state, saying “you are not entitled to anything, it should stay in the family! Now sign the fucking paper!” while pacing and waving that gun around, to intimidate me, to show who has the power.

“Sit down and chill out” I scream back at her “You won`t shoot because  these papers are not signed, and they know my signature so you cannot forge it.”

She moves to the head of the table, where else would she sit?! still with gun pointed at me, she said ” And I want all the stuff too, the inheritance, its mine and not yours, ever single item he took when they all died is now what I will have, not you.”

She hates that I am calm, that her gun is not scaring me, I tell her “careful what you ask for, there is a lot of crap, pure junk, trash! but that is what you are so why not have it.” I have her full attention now, the stare down, neither of us backing down.

“Sign the paper now.” she said with gritted teeth

I pick up the pen and I sign the paper, shove it over to her, she looks down and I make my move.

With my right hand I snatch it out from under the table where it was secured with tape, then up and back handed across her neck.

She drops the gun and grabs her neck, a look of defeat on her face, a gurgling sound but no voice.

Her eyes widen as I hold up the Hawkbill knife and I say “Oh, I was just giving you your inheritance, a family heirloom.”

By Andria Perry

Photo By Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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