Brain Squish – 16

Every few days, a man would take out his boat with a few pals to fish.   He’d leave late at night and return early the next morning.  All his fish would be sold as he reached the dock.

He’d take his money, pay his guys,  then spend the next few days lying on the beach, smoking ganja, hanging with friends, going to dances.

A multi-millionaire whose yacht was parked near, had watched the fisherman for about a week and a half, then spoke with him.

The Millionaire explained that he could make piles of money if he went out every night.  The millionaire explained how he could save his money, buy another boat, pay another crew, and double his take.

The man asked him, “Why?”

The millionaire explained that he could make more money.

The man asked; “And do what?”

“Then you can retire.”

Again the man repeated, “And do what?”

The millionaire told him, “Whatever you want.”

The man said, “I’m doing that now.”


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Written by jaylar

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  1. Good for him! That is just the attitude that so many more people should adopt.

    I have never understood why so many rich people only have one aim in mind, namely to make even more money than they’ve got already. Why? What are they going to do with it that they can’t do already?

    I always like to remember the wise words of Dorothy Parker – “You can’t take it with you, and even if you could it would probably melt”.

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