Anthology unusual IV

Nowadays chess trail walk some new talents. Particular attention is drawn to a young Norwegian world champion whose. best of the lot without hesitation be compared with the parties anthology of his great predecessor of chess. Many, in fact, ask what the secret Magnus Carlsen superiority over other players from the World Summit? While some reason found in Carlsenovoj Scandinavian coolness and Viking fighting spirit, others underline his excellent knowledge of positional play and the art of undisputed Ultimately, while the third stand mesmerizing effect on opponents which were known Kasparov and Tal. However, perhaps the most pragmatic answer to the question offered Grandmaster Grischuk who laconically dismissed unnecessary speculations saying that the superiority Carlsen lies simply in the fact that he constantly draws the strongest moves. Indeed, practice has shown that the Grischukov attitude, though humorous and somewhat simplified, is actually the closest to the truth

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