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Angels and Demons

“Hey girlie girl, what are you so confused about, I showed you the way, so why you looking back.” Said God

Because I have done everything humanly possible to screw this up and he did not run away, yes he got mad and left me for a day, but he came back.

I wrote “the letter” because I was mad, a couple words made me mad, the monster came out. The letter, I said everything I was thinking in the moment, I was so mad because I was asked to do something I can`t do, you God, knows I cannot. Under pressure I said what I needed to say. I`m just a working woman, making ends meet.

” Why did you let the monster out? I thought we had that under control, I thought you had killed your monster. Why is your soul so tortured that you allowed the monster to come back? Free will?” Said God. ” I gave you what you asked for, be still. be silent and let it happen.”

” Hey, what`s up?” asked Old Blue eyes “No smile today.”

“I got husband problems, I did something bad.”

“Oh No! not you. Tell me what was so bad that it took your smile.” Old Blue eyes replied.

I read the letter to him and waited.

“Omg! Angie, What did he say?” Old blue eyes waited for me to answer.

“I don`t know because I didnt tell him what I did, I was so mad, those two words really got under my skin.”

” Go on home, if he says nothing, then you don`t say nothing, if he does, face the music and deal as you see fit.” Old blue eyes advised.

“Angie! What Did you do?! I am in trouble because of you.” Peter was irate ” F**k!” and he left.

“Hey! wanna chat?”

Hell why not I thought, its not like anyone cares anyways. “Sure.” Another doctor, orthopedic surgeon living over seas but not from the USA. After some small talk about music and movies I was now his girl, I was told to Ignore all men and block them if they wanted to chat with me. My thoughts? “What the F**k is going on?”

I got rid of this guy and tired to sleep, no sleep came, I got back up and finally around 1 am, I gave up and fell to sleep.

The stupid new phone woke me, making some type of dinging noises.

I made coffee and came online, “Peter are you there.”

“Yes” he replied.

“Do you hate me?”

“No I don`t hate you.” He replied

After a few minutes of chatting and I figured out he had not seen the letter, I asked if he wanted to see it, he did so I did a copy in paste and showed him why he was in trouble, all the while hearing God telling me to kill  my monster and Old blue eyes saying face the music.

“OMG!” Peter replied ” Fix this, write another letter and fix it.”

“What do you want me to say?”

“Your the one with a thousand words! Just fix it.” he replied

I did write a letter of retraction. Next was the question, what now?

Peter didnt leave, instead we talked.

“Hey, guys are hitting on me, online too.”

Peter said “Tell them to F**k off, you`re a married woman, then block him.”

” For better or worst?”

” Yes My love” Peter said as he reached for my hand.

By Andria Perry

Photo by Pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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  1. Just keep on holding his hand and you’ll get on the right path. Hey. last night in my dreams I saw my stillborn daughter she is with my soul mate up above and she’s got talent for both singing and dancing and we were discussing about how she could be the next Shirley Temple

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