Andy Warhol -Marilyn Golden

Andy Warhol one of the most famous artists of pop art, painting Gold Marilyn celebrated the divine mix of appreciation and rarities, poor quality and kitsch, which have been associated with the stars of popular culture. Only one person actresses, printed on a gold background, evoked the appearance of Byzantine icons and bore the hallmark of divine status that are popular personalities had in modern times. Gold has, indeed, been omnipresent in the culture of beauty. In fact, gold has always been equated with the monarchy and was a symbol of power.

Throughout history, this material is associated with the sun – whose worship was one of the earliest religious rituals. It was a perpetual glow, a golden, because of its color and inability to be corrupt, quickly recognized as his metal. It had surrounded the monarchs and religious figures, crowns and halos evoked forms and splendor of the sun. Possession of gold, as well as the relationship with the sun, always meant a kind of power and divine approval, as well as good luck and fortune. However, the question is how much gold should not be displayed, but it does not become vulgar. This is certainly not mandatory in royal or religious rituals, because it proved the power of institutions, but insisting on it in everyday situations is bad taste.

However, the richness, even when such a showing, the envy, because the glamor of gold bears heavily on exaggeration, and the primacy of money in the economy of capitalism creates a constant tendency towards the accumulation of capital for its own sake. Gold gives the owner a sense of superiority, and its expense affects our taste: the history of the material value of the object associated with its aesthetic qualities, they are admired for “beauty”.

Even in modern times when there are faithful imitation gold, his craving for possession is not falling. In fact, excess and exaggeration has become one of the key elements of the popular culture of the mid-twentieth century: Marilyn Monroe posed in golden robes, Elvis was wearing a gold suit – gold has marked the wealth and popularity, the aura that ordinary people could not possess. In popular culture, the actors are the ones who sow the golden glow of wealth from the public eye.

The studios have tried to promote the fairytale lives of the stars: they were depicted in their large and expensive, well-kept homes, and for the viewers who are watching these photos they are, because of their lifestyle, makes the new aristocracy. Surface appearance of wealth was the essence of the dream factory that is Hollywood created, facade behind which skirts the lack of real quality and culture. However, aesthetics capitalism promised that this glow all possible, because in American society, wealth and elegance all available.


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