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Always Comes Back, To You

“No, I would never do that to you.” He said

A sigh of relief came as he touched my back saying those words. I don`t know why I trust him but I do. That was an awkward moment, moving from talk to touch, I could feel it from him, but I felt he wanted it to last longer also.

God?  How can this be? You know why this can`t be but he is still there, saying “I got your back.” and only after a couple months of setting eyes on me. Some say I cast a spell, I find that funny, I do nothing but be me.

Do I want to be here again? Oh my God, What if it goes bad like the last time, deceived by the kindness until I give the control over?  Trapped forever.

“Hey girly girl. Although I sent the first man back in December, he was not the one for you trust but he was the one to get your started, he is filled with greed and without good intentions, however, he served his purpose, for you to trust in your own dream again, to push you, what I put in you to come out with his help. This man came next to show you what good intentions are, you shared your vision with him and he will help make it come. And I have told you, your are never trapped, you let your thoughts trap you.” God explained.

And….. I am now back to this online thing…. what in this world is wrong with people? Where did all this evil come from?

He loves me but he don`t know me. Its the old, “I don`t want anyone else to get you, I want you.” Line. Do people really think that way?

Yes he seems like a good man but there are those red flags, those words, the lies I have caught, the disappearing acts when we had set a time to be there and he won`t dare say what he was doing but wants to know my every move. That is …. just No. I`m not going to play that game but I let him in… I think I have lost my mind.

BUT…… The phone rings and I see his mans name, I smile when I answer, I feel hope and I feel freedom to be me, after all he has seen me with messed up hair, crazy and more… in just a few weeks, but that is how it is when you work that close with someone. And he`s not even my type!

” Be Still. Think only good thoughts, thoughts of success and he will show you what I put in him, for you.” Answered God


“Hey Angie” Trent replied

” You are not kidding they keep coming, when I hear a few words they all use, I block.”

“You are smart now, I like the way you are handling the scammers.”

” The one guy, I have given a second chance, he don`t talk like them, but…. he used a couple words, OMG! I think its him. He knows how to talk to me.”

“Block! No future Angie.” Trent replied.

“Thank you my voice of reason.”


Oh, I see you! My happy man stopped by to like a few photos, no words, just that little like heart. As crazy and criminal as you are I will always love you.


Sitting alone, My hand empty.

By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry


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