After Abuse – 24

The Boss From Hell is an abuser.  Intellectually, emotionally, even spiritually, he abuses his employees.  He criticises , insults, ridicules, always finding some flaw.

Although he has never put a finger on you or made any sexual advance, you feel abused.   And the moment you can, you leave the Boss from Hell.

Once you leave You must take some time to see his method.  You must analyse how he tried to control you, have  you doubt yourself, etc.

You  must go back and forth in your memories to see how it was done.  You do this so that it doesn’t happen again.

This is the key point of abuse.  You MUST analyse it, you must expose the methods so that you don’t become a serial victim.

You get a job, this is your new boss.   S/he doesn’t look, smell,  seem like your old one.But!If you have analysed your previous visit to hell, as time passes you  may note a few things the old Boss From Hell used to do;  how he used to look at you, how he held his mouth, how he spoke; being performed by this new Massa.

You don’t need to wait until things get bad, you start to back off before anything happens.  And because you already know what will happen, you implement various methods to avoid him.

In this way, before he can made the first shout, you are out of there.


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