A Little Trust

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The shy ones always use humor for a purpose. They might want to hide their true feelings, or just don’t know how to approach someone.

Either way, Gemini’s especially, don’t like to get caught staring at someone. They will turn away from you, even if it means that their ego is only partially protected.

Once someone gets caught staring at you, it’s too late to hide.

The intuition of a Scorpio, especially, is so in tune with the energies around them, that they know who is true, and who is just full of it.

But beware. You might meet a Gemini with a Scorpio moon. This should really scare you. The intellect of a Gemini is only matched by the intuition of a Scorpio.

Both have their strengths, but together, this combination can be used as the most deadly weapon against anyone who wishes to pretend to be a friend.

Sure, that Gemini might come off as cute–at first.  But soon you will realize that there are more layers to be accounted for.  There is more depth to a Gemini with a Scorpio moon than with other Gemini’s.

Not all air signs are aloof, or actual air-heads. They might hide their emotions, at first, but once you find how deep they run, you will call them crazy.

This is only because you happen to be stunned by the fact that you stumbled upon a Gemini that did not meet your expectations of a nerdy, detached, analytical introvert you once thought you knew.

The sun is finally in Gemini. Do you  know anyone who fits this description?  Wish her/him a happy birthday!! I know I will!!


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Written by Maria Ayala

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