Wrong Choices – 15

Abbey didn’t want Baron to see  her crazy mother; but there he was.  Standing in her house, trying to talk to her mother.  

Abbey was ashamed and angry.  Baron had seen her secret, her shame, and she hated that.

Baron tried to help her get Lucy into a program.  Of course,  Lucy had her usual dramatics.  When Baron tried to pacify Abbey, instead of accepting his compassion, she, feeling humiliated and angry,   barked at him.  

Exactly what she said, exactly how she behaved was masked in a fog of confusion.  But  Baron left.  

He left.

He didn’t call and certainly didn’t return.

It took Abbey three days to get Lucy ‘settled’,  then, she returned to work.  What she expected, imagined, planned, didn’t matter,  Baron was gone.  

He had taken his accrued vacation and disappeared.  His phone was shut off.

Abbey, who loved him,  actually thought he would return.



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Written by jaylar


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