What It Takes To Really Mean It, When You Say,"I Am Sorry"

Lately, I am noticing how readily we say the phrase“I am Sorry”. There is no doubt in my mind that it has lost its value entirely.

So many of us today, believe those words automatically fix the problem. They believe the sound of the words ” I am Sorry” is the full measure of humility necessary to reinstate all trust.

Naturally, It is a start, but the actual humility can only ever come with the ensueing vulnerability, without which, the words are entirely worthless, like yesterday’s news.

Make no mistake, the person you hurt, is angry!


You must have the words with the actions to match, because, only that combination will be able to replace that anger with trust.

You can rest assured, that they will doubt you. You have to understand why that is so, and from that point of understanding, you can build faith back up.

Never again say ” I am Sorry” and expect to be met halfway or even to expect assistance unless you do say ” I am Sorry” because the person, wronged by your action, really matters and is worth having in your life.

Only ever apologize because you want to make amends and you’re genuinely ready to put the needs of the relationship ahead of your own selfish desires. Saying “I am Sorry” means you are ready to rectify the wrong you have caused by working toward what’s right.


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