Wash Belly – 45

Due to pressure from his wife, Keith called his Unca Col and told him;  “Hey, I’m ready for the house…” as if he expected, “Sure, come pick up the keys.”

Colin smiled, he’d been expecting this call for years.  He had long since spoken to a lawyer.  Time was for him; against Keith and Joey.  

Colin relished the moment,  happiness exploding from every pore of his body, as he played around a bit, pulling Keith’s tongue, then mentioned how much money he’d have to pay to gain possession of the house.

When Keith asked why; Colin mentioned taxes, mortgage, repairs.  

Keith, totally unprepared for this, didn’t know how to respond,  hung up and called his father.  

Keith didn’t go into amenities, he told his father that Colin wouldn’t give up the house,  certain Nick would jump in with both feet.

Instead of sitting back, and basking,  taking  pleasure in ‘I told you so’ and reflections of the past, Nick instantly spoke of lawyer, court, as if he had it all under control.

Then Keith called his mother.


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Written by jaylar

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