Funeral home interior of a japanese style

Unmissed – 2

Connie asked me where I got the snacks.  I told her and she made up her face with obvious distaste.

I’m sure she rather be stung by a bees than be on the 6th floor in proximity to the Memorial for Jeffery Charles.

I wondered if there had been coffee upstairs and turned around and went back to the 6th floor.  No one was there, save Miss Carpon, who looked rather embarrassed.   I took the last cup, and went back up to the roof.

There was a crowd up there, talking about a computer glitch; some saying the system was hacked, other saying it was just an unreliable system.

I spoke with Albert about the last episode of Power, and Sean and Andre joined in.

We smoked and talked,  and I finished the coffee  I came down at 11:38.

Miss Carpon was gone, so were the tables with the snacks, the coffee machine, and the big picture of Jeffery Charles.

There was a huge clock right in front of me which is why I was so time sensitive.


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