Unmasking of America – 23


The world was stunned when the September 11th bombings took place.  How could that happen?  How could that happen in America?  Where were the Intelligence services?

When the shock, the tragedy had ebbed a bit, those who questioned the absence of some kind of alert from all those Intelligence services remembered the situation in Iran.

In 1979 the uprising in Iran took the world by surprise and for 444 days, 52  American diplomats were taken hostage.  

Where were all those spies?  How was it possible for this to happen?

In 2001, the same shock at the ‘how’ repeated itself.

It was clear to many, in 1979 that America was still focused on the Cold War mentality of Communism being the threat, and the Soviet Union being the danger.

Although in the late 1960s, those who lived in reality were aware there would never be a direct conflict between the U.S. and U.S.S.R (as both had much to lose), the ‘powers’ in Washington D.C. continued their focus.

No one paid much attention to what was happening in other nations.

While spies focused on Russian info,  the rest of the world, especially those in the middle east were ignored.

If America would have begun to note what was being said in Arabic then maybe 9/11 would not have happened.


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