Too Late – Norman – 5

As Norman walked to church, he thought of his past.  Of Ex Wife One, who left and took nothing.   Of Ex Wife Two, who threw him out and took everything.

He didn’t want to think of Ex Wife Three; he never should have married her. She was half his age.

His first wife had been two years older, his second, three years younger.

It was different with them.   He was bigger, he was stronger.  He got his way.

Norman always had to get his way, if it took physical violence, so?

He’d beaten wife one a couple of times before she left.  Wife Two, she needed a lot of discipline.

He never should have married Wife Three.

When he slapped her, as he felt was his right as husband,  she gave him two for one.   Her blows were so hard, she  knocked him down.

As he lay on the floor, she spit on him and left.

Now she was making demands in her divorce petition.  What was she after?  Half his social security?


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Written by jaylar

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