Too Late – Nancy – 3

Jennifer had been raped by a teacher.  She had been fourteen. She hadn’t known what to do and didn’t tell anyone.

Jennifer had not realised she was pregnant until she was four months gone. She was still in school.  

As she never told anyone about the rape or the pregnancy, she was able to hide it.  She completed ninth grade.  Then, she told her parents she would visit her grandmother in another city.

Jennifer travelled to the other city, went to her Grandmother’s house.  Grandma was old and senile.  With no one around to pry to question, as soon as Jennifer felt the first pain, she went to a hospital.

As many underage kids of that time, Jennifer had a fake I.D.  She used to go places that only were supposed to allow entrance to those over Eighteen. 

 It was  Jennifer’s photo, but not her name or address.

She had gotten to a hospital, got in,  had the baby, and shortly after, slipped out.  She left her baby, and returned to Grandma.  

Considering Grandma’s condition she was unaware of  Jennifer’s absence.

A few days later, Jennifer returned home.


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