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Too Late – 8 – End

As Andy had contact with some of his old coworkers, he told them about Rose, his marriage, their unbelievable honeymoon and sent photos.

Everyone was talking about it, some printing off the photos.

The last to know about Andy’s marriage was Karin.   She found out accidentally.

She was in a booth in the ladies room when a few co workers entered.   They were talking and she heard one say;

“Rose is far prettier than the dreg….”

Another replied; 

“Well I’m glad, for the first time, that he left.  To meet and marry such a fabulous woman…”

Karin didn’t need to hear more.   However, the women kept talking.  Most passed the most disparaging remarks about her as if she were a snail.

Finally they left, and after a minute, Karin came out and went to her desk.  

She pretended she didn’t care.  But she did.   She really did.

And as most things in her life, it was a bit too late.


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Written by jaylar


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