Three Sides – Daniel – 8

When Sherry left,  when she left me, left the job,  left the city,  even changed her phone number, I felt as if I had lost my reason for living.

My daughter, Gabi, absorbed all my focus.  All the attention I’d have given to Sherry and our baby, I gave to her. But Gabi didn’t want it. She had her own ideas and didn’t want me in her life.

During the year, after I lost Sherry, Gabi was often out, and didn’t listen to me.  She did what she pleased when she pleased.

Then, she left me.

Gabi left, went away to college and only called me when she wanted something.

I tried to call her and couldn’t get through, so  I called  my Ex, Gabi’s Mother.  She told me what I ought have seen.

“Gabi is a spoiled self centred brat who only cares about herself.  She would have ruined my relationship with Brad if I had give her a chance.   So I didn’t.  You did.  You gave her a chance to ruin your life, and she took it.”

So here I am, alone in my sad life, with not even Sherry as a coworker.


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Written by jaylar

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