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The reflection of light-what image has more color?

Hello friends.

Today we are inside the cathedral of the good pastor San Sebastián, Basque country, Spain.

I’m just going to talk about light.

The cathedral is full of stained glass, but we do not speak of them today, as they deserve a separate chapter.

Only habanos of the light, that thing so important for the planet.

Combined with the stained glass of the stained glass windows, this cathedral is magical.

#1 columns of colors

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#2 the pulpit

the pulpit with the stained-glass windows

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#3 side

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#4 The columns

The columns are dressed in the color of the rainbow.

With its neo-Gothic style and the texture of the stone.

They shine with a life of their own.

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#5 colors

From the ocher of the column, we turn to the reds, these combine with the blues and the same light creates the lilacs.

We see yellow and green dance through the ocher.

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#6 ground

The marble floor is the one that is combined now with all these rays of light that pass like a prism through the stained glass windows, making its surface reflect:

Not only the stained glass windows but also the arches and the beauty of its roof.

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#7 baptismal font

Light floods everything

Even the shell-shaped baptismal font with mother-of-pearl shine becomes the center of attention.

Making your beauty be for a few moments of the day different and beautiful.

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#8 Morning light

If you are lucky enough to visit this beautiful cathedral.

It will not leave you disappointed.

But remember the morning light.

You will feel something beautiful and you will enjoy.

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What do you think?

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  1. light is so interesting – the light you see is not the light captured by the camera. You see, an object a moment such the wonderful pictures you’ve shared, but the speed of the shutter means that light is 1000’s of miles away.

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